Dare to Bare with Nude Nails

How To Choose The Best Nude Nail Colour For Your Skin Tone at Flair Hair & Beauty Salon in Wolverton, Milton Keynes

It is a common belief that nude nail polish colours should match the tone of the skin on your fingertips, but that is not the case! To make your nude nails pop this year, the experts at Flair Hair & Beauty Salon in Wolverton, Milton Keynes explore which nude nail colours will compliment your skin tone…..


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I Have a Dark Skin Tone – Which Nude Shades Work for Me?

As with make up, such as foundation, there are different undertones to each nail colour. Unlike foundation however, your nail polish should not match your skin tone, but it should enhance it. If you match too closely to your skin tone, the nail colour can wash out the colour of your skin. You should aim to go a one or two shades lighter or darker than your skin tone. 

Many sheer nudes colours have pink or whiter undertones which don’t work as well for darker skin tones. W recommend that you try a sheer nude with beige undertones, which will balance the nail bed colour to the skin tone, whilst still maintaining a sheer clean look. 

I Have a Medium Skin Tone – Which Nude Shades Work for Me?

For those with medium skin tones, such as olive skinned beauties, our Flair nail specialists recommend that you try a nail nude nail colour with hints of pink or peach. Typically, earthy and nature-inspired tones complement the natural tones found in olive skin. Cooler tones of olive may opt for lighter shades, while warmer tones typically look best in darker shades. Peachy nail polish will make an olive skin tone really “pop”!

I Have a Fair Skin Tone – Which Nude Shades Work for Me?

The best flawless nude nail manicure will subtly showcase your nails, and with fair skinned ladies, the world of nude nail polishes is your oyster! Depending upon whether you have a cool or warm tone to your fair skin, we can recommend an enormous range of nude nail polish colours. We would recommend a pale shade of nude with white tones against a warmer tone, and a nude with hints of grey or darker brown for those ladies with very cool, fair skin tones. The darker colour provides a stunning contrast against very fair skin, especially if you have lighter eyes and darker hair colour.  

Can I have Nail Art on My Nude Nail Polish?

Yes of course! Following nail colour trends can become exhausting, with constant nail colour changes, but nude nails will never be out of style. If you do want to make your nude polish stand out in a fun way, you could consider some funky nail art ideas in nude tones. Whether it’s a pop of glitter on an accent nail, jewels or intricate gold detailing – in the world of nude nail art, there’s so much to choose from (you could even have each nail decorated slightly differently)!

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