Luxury Facials at Flair Hair & Beauty Salon in Wolverton, Milton Keynes

The primary difference between youthful and maturing skin lies, perhaps surprisingly, less in the appearance and more in the texture and feeling of the skin. Youthful skin is supple and bounces back, while more mature skin is less resilient and loses elasticity over time.

Our face firming treatments will help enhance collagen production to lift, smooth and firm the skin’s texture, lending it a new lease of clarity, suppleness and youthful resilience.

Monu Facial Treatments at Flair Hair & Beauty Salon in Wolverton

MONU Facials use only the purest plant extracts and essential oils which are used within the MONU range of professional face and body treatments to bring about optimum results.

Express Facial

The perfect introduction to MONU skincare products and our advanced facial treatments. Experience the powerful benefits of MONU skincare in this 30 minute treatment. In this revitalising mini-treatment, skin is deeply cleansed and exfoliated prior to an application of a mask and massage. 

Aromatic Facial Treatment

This signature MONU Facial includes exfoliation with steam and extraction, a soothing massage to the face, neck and shoulders and Mask therapy are combined to promote skin radiance. MONU products are individually selected to suit the client’s skin.

Active Collagen Facial Treatment

This facial has been designed to reduce the signs of ageing using freeze-dried collagen. This intensive collagen treatment will improve the skins ability to retain moisture. After just one treatment the skins ability to hold moisture is improved by up to 75%. After a course of 6 treatments wrinkle depth can be reduced by up to 40%. This treatment is suitable for dry, sensitive and wrinkle-prone skin.

Smoothing Algae Facial Treatment

A top of the range line smoothing treatment with a seaweed compress containing Marine Magnesium, that smoothes, lifts and energises the skin. This extremely effective partnership of active ingredients, combined with a superior treatment technique, imparts unparalleled skin radiance, freshness and tone, not to mention an uplifting and memorable experience.

Smoothing Oat Facial Treatment

This luxurious facial is based around a warming oat mask packed with 100% natural nutrients and proteins with soothing anti-inflammatory ingredients. This pampering and soothing treatment, combined with an exceptional relaxation massage, deeply nourishes, combats dryness and restores elasticity to the skin.

This facial targets redness, sensitivity and skin irritations, restoring elasticity, nourishing and calming your skin.

For best results, the treatment should be given once a week for six weeks and then you should maintain once every month.

Resurface & Peel Treatment

Using a complex blend of Glycolic, Salicylic and Fruit Acids to eliminate dead cells, resurface and exfoliate, smooth and refine. Sodium bicarbonate to deep cleanse, purify and clear congested pores whilst helping to reduce irritation and Vitamin C which is a potent anti-oxidant, helps to correct skin tone, brighten and clear a dull complexion whilst revitalising and increase radiance. Peels although good for mature skin, are also a welcome treatment for anyone suffering with blocked pores, breakouts, acne, pigmentation or uneven skin tone.

Renu Facical Treatments at Flair Hair & Beauty Salon in Wolverton, Milton Keynes

Renu Facials are designed to be a relaxing, anti-ageing treatment giving your skin the ultimate in luxurious pampering.

Renu Lift Facial Treatment

The ultimate relaxing and high performance treatment. This signature facial commences with the “ relaxation touch”, a warming and comforting beginning to the RENULift which offers all the relaxing benefits associated with the tried and trusted MONU Skincare treatment protocols, with the added benefit of new anti-ageing formulations found in the RENU skincare range.

For dry, sensitive or dehydrated skin a deeply nourishing treatment mask is applied which provides 100% natural nutrients and proteins which have soothing anti-inflammatory ingredients. For slack or devitalized skin a seaweed based mask is used to lift and relax the epidermis using minerals and trace elements.

Express Facial Treatment

The RENU Express is an ideal introduction to the RENU anti–ageing range. Also great as a fortnightly treatment or as a quick “top –up” alternative to the RENU Lift Facial. Cleanse and exfoliation is followed by either mask therapy or massage with a nourishing treatment oil. Experience the new anti-ageing facial. Relax and marvel at the results of these top professional anti ageing products.

Vitru Facial Treatments For Men at Top Beauty Salon in Milton Keynes

For the 21st Century man, there’s nothing better than taking care of your skin. With the Vitru facial treatments available at Flair Hair & Beauty Salon in Wolverton, you can ensure you have smooth, radiant skin all year round.

The men’s range will care for, enhance and energise the skin. The range contains nine home care products and three professional products, all formulated with cutting edge technology and purest ingredients. The men’s range has been specially designed to fight the effects of: 

  • Fatigue
  • Stress & Irritation
  • Environmental Pollution
  • Dehydration

VITRU Express Male Facial

A 30 minute treatment to increase vitality and provide an immediate boost to those complexions in urgent need of instant pick-me-ups. 

VITRU Complete Male Facial

For the more indulgent and less time-sensitive, the luxury of an hour-long Men’s Total Reviver treatment cannot be beaten. The specialised men’s massage techniques are designed to relieve tension, whilst our leading edge formulations help to rejuvenate and energise the skin.

Skin Deep Peel Treatment with Microplaning

Our signature Peel treatment promises to refresh and replenish the complexion with an active blend of natural acids, vitamins and essential oils. Dull complexions are eliminated and dead skin cells sloughed for an instant radiance renewal.

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